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Our focus is on sourcing the highest quality fruit to produce the best wines.

Our Story

Welcome to Bodega de Edgar

Where every bottle of wine tells a story of passion, craftsmanship, and the unwavering pursuit of winemaking excellence.

From the rocky soils of Paso Robles to your glass, our handcrafted wines embody the artistry and dedication of owner Edgar Torres. Born in Mexico, Edgar's passion for winemaking led him to build a thriving winery through a commitment to quality, family, and community.

Step into our tasting room and experience the heart of Bodega de Edgar - where the love of winemaking is poured into every glass, sip by sip.


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Our Unique Promise

Wines Crafted from Struggle, Rooted in Family

At Bodega de Edgar, we believe that the greatest wines are born from adversity. Just as our vines struggle in the rocky soils of Paso Robles, our founder Edgar Torres's journey from immigrant roots to celebrated winemaker is a story of perseverance and determination. This spirit of resilience is infused into every bottle we produce.

Our winemaking philosophy is grounded in family and authenticity. We focus on Spanish varietals that honor Edgar's heritage, crafting them with minimal intervention to allow the grapes' natural character to shine through. The results are deeply personal and universally appealing wines - a true reflection of the love, sacrifice, and hard work that defines our family's legacy.

Experience the Passion and Artistry

With Every Sip of Bodega de Edgar

When you choose a bottle of Bodega de Edgar wine, you're not just purchasing a beverage - you're investing in a story of unwavering passion and dedication to the art of winemaking. It's a story of Edgar Torres, a skilled winemaker who pours his heart and soul into every vintage. A story of a family that values quality, community, and the pursuit of excellence in all they do.

This is our unique promise to you: Wine that doesn't just taste good, but means something. A wine that connects you to a larger narrative of family, community, and the enduring power of the human spirit. A wine that, with every sip, reminds you that anything is possible when you pour your heart into it..

Experience the story in every bottle. Experience Bodega de Edgar.


Winemaking Mirrors Parenthood

"Just like raising kids, you know, you teach them what you want to teach them, and you let them make their own decisions.

And if it needs a little kick in the ass, then we'll do it. But if it doesn't, we'll just let it be."

Edgar Torres

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